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We Are Our Worst Critics

Happy Saturday and a gentle reminder that you are doing a great job!

We often do not congratulate ourselves in the everyday for all that we accomplish or endure, so I think it's time we start! Adversely, we tend to be a great critic when things don't go as we imagine. If we don't take those moments to notice our self talk, it can become a comfortable security blanket and background dialogue making new things, simple tasks, and decision making difficult. Sometimes, even on my best days, the judgements that run through my head would be too harsh for even my worst enemy.

The thing is, as simple as it sounds, without taking a concerted effort to notice, patterns continue unchecked.

Like any task you've done a million times, your brain will take the easiest pathway previously carved in order to conserve energy. Change takes knowledge that these pathways exist, first before choosing another route.

A practice like yoga, just like any discipline, purposely sets aside our time to work on the unchecked. Maybe our body is tight from not taking enough breaks at our desk, maybe our mind is churning over the same worry. In today's world, a time and place to break from our default becomes a reprieve and for me, a sanctuary, where I can see another way forward.

🎨 by @rude

Join me this week on your mat, where we will work it out together.

Until then. ❤️

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