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It's Time

Happy Saturday and happy weekend!

Another week and another weekend is upon us and while we make small strides, sometimes it all feels the same.

In Los Angeles, it has always been hard to differentiate the seasons and passage of time due to the small variation in weather. While this year we did have more of a "winter", once the sun settles back into place, it seems as if it has been there all the while.

Some days pass us by and feel unfulfilling and some seem to occupy a years worth of activity and emotion. So is the fluctuation of life, I suppose.

I think it is important to remember this nature. As in tomorrow may be more fruitful or tomorrow I will not feel guilty in resting.

These past 3 years have seemed chock full of overwhelm and change for all of us, so it may take some time to even out again.

After years of practicing, I have always found comfort in my practice and it's availability. Whenever or wherever I find myself, it is something I can always reach for.

🎨 by @soworthloving

I hope to see you this week on your mat.

Until then. ❤️

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