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Happy Saturday.

It has been chilly here on the east coast with gusts of poor air quality due to the forest fires up north in Canada. I never imagined a scene we have grown custom to on the west coast to invade the green spaces of New England.

Initially when I arrived to Northampton, I had a student tell me how they would never, ever move to California due to global warming. A friendly Smith welcome as expected, yet here we are, all seeing the impacts of changing environmental factors despite our coast or politics (or hate for all things SoCal).

Despite this, it has been quite quiet and mellow here.

I am enjoying the stillness and time to practice more yoga and think of ways in which I can be creative.

It has been awhile since I have had this much time to myself and I am remembering how satisfying self care can be.

Even if you do not share the remoteness that I have been afforded for the next few months, I encourage you to find ways in which you can find it in your own time. The gift of time is always something that will only give back.

🎨 by Charles Schulz

I hope to see you this week on your mat.

Until then. ❤️

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