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Welcome to your weekend. I hope you find the time to rest and do something that fills you back up again.

It is a bit gloomy here, weather wise as we shift in and out of summer and winter weather. It is as if the sky cannot decide who it wants to be. I am sure we all suffer from that from time to time.

Oscar speculation and fascination still runs rampant here in LA, and while I might think I have my own opinion on the matter, I simply do not have all the information. Just like any story we ingest, our past perceptions play a giant role in how we perceive them. While this particular scenario seems minuscule in comparison to what is unfolding on a global scale, it does bring to mind how much we simply do not know and quite possibly may never know.

In yoga and any craft really, the engaging quality is in the curiosity.

The moment we think we know it all or that our version is the only version we really loose it all, don't we? There is something quite peaceful about entering a space where we are not expected to know the answer. For me, that has always been where I find unexpected growth. It can be surprising that the aggressive, outspoken and all knowingness that seems soap box worthy is not always where the power lies. It rests rather in those quiet moments, where we ask questions of ourselves and we take the time to listen.

🎨 by Sam Gross

Until then ❤️

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