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Oscars Whaaaattt?

I hope your weekend is treating you well as we move through the last little bit of March.

After a rough week of food poisoning, I feel like my body is still on the mend as I try to not push myself too hard and give it time to heal. Easier said than done, but a practice none the less.

This week here in Hollywood, we celebrate the Oscars. When I first moved here, I was amazed that everyone treated the day like a holiday, streets empty, everyone at home watching. I felt like I had finally found a place where people loved movies as much as I did. As my relationship to the industry and the importance of the Oscars has softened, I still get goosebumps when that deserving underdog gets to take the stage.

Whether you watch the Oscars or not,

finding little tidbits in our own lives that provide inspiration and give us the drive to keep going can sometimes make all the difference.

I always loved a success story more when I knew of the failures along the way. While some Oscars may be won overnight, just like anything worth pursuing, I resonate more with those that start small and took obstacles to acquire.

Maybe we haven't all reached our Oscar moment yet, but I encourage you to keep going, as sometimes the success lies in the little moments along the way.

🎨 by Sarah & @peach&home

I look forward to seeing you again this week,

Until then ❤️

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