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New Beginnings

🐰 Hoppy Easter and Passover week!

I hope you are finding joy and love in the tradition and nostalgia of celebration this weekend.

In fitting with our celebrations, this week we come to our mat with intentions of new beginnings. I remember my mom's tulips always made their way up after a hard winter to adorn our annual easter photos each year. Growing up in Ohio, the reprieve of that first warmer day always gave me new energy and hope for something better.

Chiffon lace and pastel plaids, the smell of fresh cut grass and longer days.

We come to this holiday every year, maybe a little worn from the winter, maybe lagging in the new year's expectations, but always in restitution. We can to our repeated surprise, always start new again.

Join me this Sunday for a special Easter/Passover class where we reconvene and share in our own tradition.

🎨 by Katy Daisy

See you on the mat.

Until then. 💜

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