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It is time.

Updated: May 2, 2023

Happy weekend.

I hope your days this week have been enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. It is hard not to have a happier demeanor here when the sun is shining and warmer days are in the air.

In that theme of brightness, this week is all about standing in the light. Especially after winter, it can feel shocking to enter back out into the brightness of an ever moving world around us.

It can feel safer and routine to stay inside.

I encourage you to do the thing this week or weekend that you've been thinking about. Jump back into something you've set aside, or start something brand new. While it can be easier to dwell on all that seems unfair, unjust or heavy, let yourself soak up the positive and welcome back in some color and light.

This week we meet on our mat, Sunday and Tuesday.

I am thinking of starting a special once a month lengthened restorative class. Maybe 1.5 hours to give ourselves a luxurious dive into rest. If you'd want to join, shoot me an email so I can gauge interest.

🎨 by unknown

Until then, I'll see you on the mat.


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