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Constance of Change

I hope your week went as well as it could and you are settling in and soaking up the weekend.

Whether you are feeling a little tired or glum, joyful or excited, let yourself ride that wave. In yoga, the constant ebb and flow of the breath and movement teach us our bodies' natural ability to adapt, that nothing is meant to be stationary nor is anything ever permanent.

The greek philosopher Heraclitus is famously known for saying, "change is the only constant in life."

It can be humbling and centering to remember this in both the good and bad. Another quote comes to mind, "this too shall pass." And how quickly it does as we move onto the next feeling, sensation, or focus. Our knowledge of such fleetingness can help us sit in those darker moments, but also can help us embody simple joys that easily pass us by.

Again, whether you are tired or glum, joyful or excited, ride that wave. If you can, take a breath and acknowledge the beauty in the moment, before the next one comes rushing along.

🎨 by Unknown

Join me this week on the mat.

Until then. ❤️

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