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Yinyasa Yoga

Thursdays 6pm • 1 hour

Wind down the evening with a gentle Vinyasa flow concluding with a series of deep Yin stretching.  No fancy clothes required, only you and your mat.  Let the practice work it's magic causing instant release and relaxation.

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Gentle Yoga

Sundays 10am  •  1 hour

The perfect way to start your Sunday morning.  A mix of gentle movements and deep breathing techniques will allow your body and mind to gently find center and let go of some of the mental weight we all carry.  



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Basic Flow

Tuesdays 6pm •  1 hour

Learn and move through the basics with this mixed level basic flow class.  In this sequence, start off slow to gradually get into the body, then continue to build up to more challenging and warming poses.  This class ends with a thoughtful, gentle cool down.  A multitude of variations will be given to suit your personal level of practice. 


Private Session

Virtual Private Session •  1 hour

Wanting more out of your practice?  In a 1 hour private session with me you can expect to dive deep, approaching specific goals and struggles with a mindfully individualized sequence. I truly believe all the tools for success lie within.  In my 15 years of yoga I have seen the practice come up against years of roadblocks including anxiety, depression, trauma, injury, and illness.

All virtual yoga classes are taught using Zoom at Pacific Times.

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