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Time For A Break

Happy Saturday and happy summer it seems.

With temperatures here making me reach for my flip flops, it’s as if the seasons have shifted over night. The sensation of the warm summertime air always puts me in a more carefree kind of mind.

This week I’ve been thinking about getting back to the things that really matter. Just like when school let out for the summer as a kid, we all desire that sense of freedom and the ability to lay poolside, munch on snacks and giggle with our best of friends into the wee hours.

As adults we often don’t have such defined “rest” breaks and sometimes forget to schedule them in at all.

For me, I believe I often use yoga to take that break. To relax, treat my body kindly and give my mind a rest from responsibility of what the world is telling me I should and should not be doing. As a kid, I’d use play or art in this same way. Tapping into our carefree, creative side gives us the opportunity to let our minds wander, maybe feel something, emotionally, and remember those simple things that define what brings us joy.

🎨 by Hiller Goodspeed

See you on the mat.

Until then. ❤️

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